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Sergio Espinosa

the Founder & CEO of Alluring Homes, Inc.


Our Story Begins

Meet Sergio Espinosa, the Founder and CEO of Alluring Homes, Inc. With a notable career spanning over two decades in the fields of roofing and construction, Sergio brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to excellence to his company.

A former Engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a California native, Sergio’s journey in the military instilled in him the core values of integrity, precision, and dedication. These values now serve as the cornerstone of his company’s philosophy. Sergio is a natural-born leader, guiding his team of expert technicians who are continually expanding their knowledge and skills, coming together as a team to position Alluring Homes, Inc. as one of the industry leaders in roofing and property improvement.

Sergio’s passion for this work runs deep, driven by the profound belief that “home is where the heart is.” This sentiment resonates through every aspect of Alluring Homes, Inc., and it fuels the company’s daily mission to serve you better.

Thank you for visiting his website, and we sincerely hope you consider Alluring Homes, Inc. for your next remodel or renovation project.

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